Summer Driving Safety

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Summer Driving Safety

Within minutes, the inside of a car can reach up to 200 degrees, because heat coming in from the windows is absorbed by the interior and the glass acts as insulation.

You never want to leave a child or a pet inside, even with the windows cracked open a little. Stay safe, keep cool …

* PARK IN THE SHADE – Of course, if the shade you find is beneath a tree, that could invite the risk of bird droppings which can mar your car’s paint. Try, then, to park so the car or the driver’s side is facing away from the sun.

* USE SUNSHADES – Made of cardboard and reflective materials, a sunshade protects the dashboard and steering wheel from direct exposure to the sun. In the long run, it also preserves the dashboard against sun damage and cracking. Steering wheels hot to the touch are a hazard when you can’t grasp them firmly to control the car.

* SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE – Make sure your tires are properly inflated, belts and batteries are in good condition, and the engine fluids are full.

– Water | for drinking and to cool down an overheated car
– Steering Wheel Cover | a cloth cover, dashboard shade or even a towel will make it easier to handle your steering wheel safely if it’s kept cool
– Snacks | something non-perishable and quick energy, like granola bars, crackers or nuts
– Cooler or Insulated Shopping Bags | great way to keep groceries cool between the store and home
– Cell Phone | to call for help if you get lost or your car breaks down
– First Aid Kit | sunscreen, bandages, antibacterial wipes and ointment, batteries, pain medication
– Emergency Kit | flashlight, flares, jumper cables, basic tools, paper towels, blanket, gloves

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