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The Hole Truth

Potholes and puddles and glare, oh my! As the seasons change, so do road conditions. While winter snow and ice generally prevail as far as challenging road conditions go, spring also presents a variety of challenges that can affect your travel. Stay safe on the road this spring by following these 8 driving tips from [...]


Got Bumpers?

What is the purpose of bumpers? Bumpers are supposed to keep damage away from safety-related equipment such as headlights and taillights and protect vehicle parts such as hoods, fenders, and exhaust and cooling systems that are expensive to repair. When bumpers are poorly designed, these parts sustain most of the damage in parking-lot collisions and [...]


Safe Driving is No Accident

On your way to Grandma's house for the holidays? Take some tips from every day drivers who have traveled more than a million accident-free miles: United States Postal Service mail carriers. I make sure my vehicle is in complete operative condition every day,” she said. “I identify and report repair work for lights, tires, wipers and mirrors, and [...]


1912 Cadillac Takes Top Honors at Stan Hywet Car Show

How cool to take a Sunday spin to the ice cream shop in an antique car! That's what Rick Hudak wanted to do with his new grand daughter when he went looking for an open touring car "to have fun with". What he ended up with, after an intensive 18 month restoration, was that and [...]

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