Driving safety tips and strategies

Got Bumpers?

What is the purpose of bumpers? Bumpers are supposed to keep damage away from safety-related equipment such as headlights and taillights and protect vehicle parts such as hoods, fenders, and exhaust and cooling systems that are expensive to repair. When bumpers are poorly designed, these parts sustain most of the damage in parking-lot collisions and [...]

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More Winter Driving Tips

Don't be afraid. Be prepared. The best way to avoid a traffic accident in wintry ice and snow conditions - stay home or try to stay put until snow plows and sanding crews have done their work. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination, and make sure your car is prepared. Driving safely [...]

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Winter Driving Safety

Prepare for winter conditions Car problems that are a nuisance in the summer can turn dangerous in the winter. A thorough check of the cooling, charging, braking and suspension systems is a must; don't wait until the first winter storm. Know how to recover from skids. When braking on a slippery road, it’s all too [...]

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Safe Driving is No Accident

On your way to Grandma's house for the holidays? Take some tips from every day drivers who have traveled more than a million accident-free miles: United States Postal Service mail carriers. I make sure my vehicle is in complete operative condition every day,” she said. “I identify and report repair work for lights, tires, wipers and mirrors, and [...]

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Deer Collision Driving Safety

Deer Season Can Be Dangerous for Drivers Drivers beware: deer are easily spooked during October and November. On the run from hunters and hormone-laden during mating season, deer are especially active at dawn and dusk. Four tips to avoid deer accidents: 1. Be attentive when driving! And Slow Down! 2. Use high-beam headlights when driving [...]

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Car Seat Safety: 10 Common Mistakes

Car seat safety isn't child's play. Understand 10 common mistakes parents make when installing and using car seats. Car seat safety is crucial for protecting your child during travel, but knowing how to safely install a car seat and buckle up your child as he or she grows can be difficult. Check out 10 common [...]

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Back to School Traffic Safety

Double Check Those Crosswalks Now that kids will be back on their way to school, it's time to double and triple check those intersections; just when you think it's all systems go, a late for school student will magically appear out of nowhere and dart across the street when you least anticipate it. Making, full [...]

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Vacation Safe Driving Tips

Before you hit the road, make sure you and your car are travel-ready, before you leave, while you're on your way, and in the event of an emergency. Vacation safe driving will make your getaway more enjoyable. [dropcap]1[/dropcap]Plan ahead. Do whatever it takes to firm up as many details of your trip as possible – before [...]

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