Our repair facility offers the most advanced auto body collision repair training and equipment available – complete with laser accurate measuring systems, controlled pulling capabilities, mig welding, custom color matching, and environmentally responsible pressurized downdraft spray booth.

Spanesi.1Auto body repair today is an extremely technical and complicated process. It involves a thorough understanding of modern assembly and painting techniques, if the car is to be repaired properly. That’s why Village Auto Body specializes exclusively in auto body repair and refinishing. We provide you the best possible repairs, so things like handling, tire wear, resale value, and safety are not compromised.

State-of-the-Art Unibody Repair & Laser Technology

Our unibody dimensioning system incorporates the industry’s top anchoring devices and hydraulic pulling systems, which allow us to monitor exactly how much pressure is needed to straighten your car – and not to distort or damage the unibody by using too much pressure.

Designed to accommodate the smallest vehicles, as well as one ton rated trucks, our unibody frame benches allow simultaneous, multi-directional and three-dimensional pulling capability.

This capability, along with our laser measuring system (shown top right), means we are not working “blind” – we are checking our working millimeter by millimeter as we go – so there are no surprises at the end: for us, for you, or for your insurance company.

Magna Rack.1Modern Measuring Systems Find Hidden Damage

Unibody cars are designed to absorb shock and transfer it away from the passenger compartment. That’s good. It saves lives. But it also means damage inflicted on one part of the car might show up in another. For example, damage to the right front fender will sometimes affect the suspension of the left rear wheel. Unless the damage is located, that can cause tire wear, handling and even car control problems.

If the shop restoring your car does not have a state-of-the-art measuring system that can locate all the hidden damage, you’ll miss the peace of mind knowing your car has been returned to good-as-new factory specifications – top to bottom, inside out.

TVA lasers give us the ability to measure and align line-of-site datum points, as well as rail alingments, in three dimensions. This ability, in conjunction with our Touch computerized global measuring system, give Village Auto Body an uncanny capability to accurately position new panels and rails – or repair damaged ones.

Our unique combination of two measuring systems and the versatility of the multi-tower unibody/frame benches allow for the most accurate, efficient repairs possible.

Complicated, potentially destructive, and involved procedures are best done in controlled enviroments by properly trained and equipped technicians. This plasma procedure is being done with the correct shielding and electronic isolation in place.

after refinishing twenty minutes after the bake cycleProtecting Your Paint – and the Environment

We take our work vey seriously at Village Auto Body. We could never put a second rate finish on a first class repair. That’s why we have the most modern type of painting facility available.

Our pressurized downdraft spray booth filters clean air five times before it enters the spray environment, and the atmosphere in the booth is changed once every 15 seconds while the paint is being applied – resulting in a cleaner, more uniform paint finish on your car.

We can use exactly the same types of paint used by automobile manufacturers, and our lighting system is color correct and uniform; able to duplicate bright daylight. Color match problems are virtually eliminated.

To insure the final finish matches your original in both appearance and quality, we

  • Treat all bare metal with a special zinc chromate epoxy primer to insure maximum corrosion resistance
  • Follow up with a multi-layer primer system specific for the type of topcoat (finish) being applied

Our specialty is the application of the newest basecoat/clearcoat urethane and acrylic urethane paint systems – to protect and preserve the value of your vehicle.