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Safety starts with knowledge.

Automobile safety starts with a safe car: one that is well maintained and properly repaired, so it maneuvers responsively when you need it most, to avoid an accident. Village Auto Body is committed to providing you useful information and excellent repair services, so you can drive with confidence.

* Monthly feature articles address automobile safety, new technologies & laws, and safety tips
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Summer Driving Safety

Within minutes, the inside of a car can reach up to 200 degrees, because heat coming in from the windows is absorbed by the interior and the glass acts as insulation. You never want to leave a child or a pet inside, even with the windows cracked open a little. Stay safe, keep cool ... * PARK IN THE SHADE [...]

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Crashproof Teen Drivers

Driver's Ed Programs That Really Work There is some anecdotal evidence that river's ed helps. DMV officials queried for an Oregon study said learner's permit applicants taught by professionals made better decisions and paid more attention to details than would-be drivers who had been, well, home-schooled. "Those who have not had driver's ed pick up the bad habits of parents," [...]

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Senior Driving Safety

When to Be Concerned Normal aging does affect driving, but there isn’t set age when a person is no longer safe behind the wheel. In fact, most people can safely drive well into old age. When people become unsafe to drive, it’s generally the result of an underlying medical condition or medications, not reaching a certain age. Get involved by [...]

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Fall Driving Safety

Falling leaves and rain can combine to create slick road surfaces, sun glare and changing light conditions can make it difficult to see and increased deer activity can add up to some dangerous driving conditions if you are not careful. Here are tips on what to look out for and how to lessen some of the risks brought about by [...]

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Staged Car Accidents

The Scam Swoop and Squat. A suspect vehicle suddenly swoops in front of you and jams on the brakes, causing a rear-end collision. Often the suspect car has passengers who pretend to have painful back or neck injuries, even though the collision was at low speed. The driver and passengers then make large collision and injury claims against your auto [...]

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